An Inconsistent Truth - Being Only Politically Green - Al Gore & Barack Obama

In this first story, Obama warns of gas guzzlers as he leaves in his SUV.

Obama Warns of Gas Guzzling Cars

This second story is an examination of Al Gore's lifestyle. Gore has set himself up as the world's greatest environmental spokesman, yet he doesn't seem to live up to his own talk. I seem to be more green than him, and I don't even try all that much.

Gore Isn't Quite as Green as He has Led the World to Believe

I like the environmentalists of old. The ones who weren't environmentalists for political gain but were environmentalists for the sake of the earth. They weren't pretenders. They actually believed in what they said. It wasn't for the sake of politics or book sales. They were "crazies" for the sake of the earth.

Now it has become popular to be green. But in actuality, it appears that it really isn't popular to be green; it's popular to be pseudo-green.

It reminds me of Christians. We always have this tendency to be a Christian without any of the sacrifice. We like the label and what it brings, yet sometimes we don't want to live the sacrificial life that being a Christian is all about.

Being green is trendy. Sacrificing square footage on your house, driving less of a gas guzzler, spending the money on solar or wind power, recycling, using cloth diapers, and all of the other aspects of being truly green aren't something you can just give lip service to. They take continual sacrifice and, sometimes, money.

I'm not green yet, but I'm all for being green.

Watch out for the potholes.