My convictions are not God's commandments (except maybe they are to me)

I am mainly quiet at my church about things I often write about on this blog. If you think I am divisive, please keep that in mine. I don't know anyone from my church, except for the new pastor, that has been to my blog in the last three months. So what you hear are the thoughts that are coming together about the church I will probably plant in the future, not my current church experience. I am grateful for my current church experience because it has taught me much more about the structure of church, many things that I don't want to copy and some things that I would love to bring along.

I presume that when I plant a church in the future it will be a different type of church than what we normally think of church because I feel God has called me to do church to reach different people than the typical church can reach. It will be similar to the church planted in Lansing, but I have learned a lot from the mistakes and not so deliberate great things that happened in that church.

I've definitely been convicted lately that God calls people on many different paths. Some are called to the traditional church, some are called to be missionaries, others are called to do church differently, and others are called to a multitude of different callings. No calling is better than another. Being faithful to one's calling is all that matters.

Some times I get confused with my calling and God's commandments. A lot of what God is tugging on me I get confused with commandments and expect every church to do things that way. When in actuality, God just wants me to plant churches that are that way. I will cross the line many times in the future and confuse my calling for God's commandments, but I sure hope I do it less and less each day. Thanks for being on this journey with me.

Watch out for the potholes.