A Unified Church - Becoming of One Mind

I read a great book that had a section on mission statements by George Barna entitled The Power of Team Leadership. 10 years ago mission statements were all the rage. Everyone was trying to be the best at writing in a unique way how we are to fulfill the mission of the church. Barna points out that the mission statement of all churches should be the same. There really isn't a difference in locale to what the mission of the church should be. However, the vision of how we are to live that mission out locally will change depending upon the gifting, the call of the congregation involved, and the community the congregation lives in.

The problem in many churches across this nation is that they have been operating so long without without a conscious and deliberate vision. Without a conscious vision, the body isn't unified in mind. Everyone develops their own vision for how the church should be implementing the mission Christ has called the church to. Eventually, if left unattended, this will lead to a church split or just people leaving (which is a church split on a smaller scale).

Any church that is trying to be conscious about their vision is on the right track. It is essential that the church is heading in one unified direction in order to be healthy. It is difficult to get there when everyone has really been heading in their own direction for years. It is also difficult because the church has been operating the an unspoken vision of the decision makers for years. This vision is the vision of those in decision making capacities. It is much easier for a church to start with the unified vision and remain on course.

The transition from many visions to one vision doesn't occur quietly. People have been joining the church for years because of one reason or another. To come to one vision people have to concede their visions and meld them into one. It is a difficult thing to do. It is extremely difficult when the church begins to head in a direction you or your family isn''t called to. What do you do then?

Watch out for the potholes.