Star Wars, Children, and the Future

If I was the writer of the third episode of Star Wars, here is what I would do. And maybe this is what has been done. I haven't read any reviews.

Obviously, we know that the Dark Side wins. Anakin becomes Darth Vader and leads Emperor Palpatine into victory. It will inevitably be a dark movie where the dark side wins.

But instead of the ending being a climatic battle victory, I would have it be the birth of Leia and Luke. The last sound that would come out of speakers that can portray earthquakes, tornadoes, shipwrecks, and gigantic explosions would be the precious cry of a newborn baby (I'm talking about that first cry. That precious cry sure gets annoying real fast, especially in the middle of the night.) That cry would be the last sound to exit the speakers.

All Star Wars fans know tha in the end those two babies will bring victory over the darkness.

And that is what I hope my children help to do. In this chaotic world of darkness where evil is around every corner, where children are kidnapped, molested and raped, and where we confront temptation around ever corner - in that world I want my children to shine Jesus' light.

When chaos comes and darkness seems to win, I can look at my children and see a fresh hope for humanity. They are untainted. They are happy. They are optimistic. And they don't give up.

Children (and I would say the same thing about church plants) are our future. That might be cliche, but that was the overwhelming thought in my mind today on my ride to work.

Now I just need to figure out how to raise them, so they can be that light in the darkness.

Watch out for the potholes.