Writing way too much on birth control

I had plans to write other things this morning, but my time has been taken out by writing on birth control at the GLCC alumni forums. If you want to read more of the discussion, then you can go here. Personally, these discussions get to a point where I wish they would just end, but in some sick and twisted desire to be sadomasochistic I continue writing on them.

Here are my current thoughts after a discussion on the internet with friends on it:

Here are the various arguments against birth control and my brief thoughts on them still:

The sperm probably isn't sacred. I'm not totally convinced either way. It was the stance throughout history that the seed was sacred, but it was argued earlier in this discussion that their belief came from a misunderstanding of the science of it all. I still believe they based their belief on Scripture, but I do wonder if they misinterpreted things. To me, this belief wouldn't be a leg to stand on. Though, I'm not convinced to believe either way. I haven't heard an argument against it, just jesting that every sperm does not fertilize an egg.

I still believe not using birth control is wisely trusting in God. I would say it is unwise to use birth control and rob yourself of the family God intends for you to be blessed with.

I still believe that it is unhealthy for a woman to use pills as birth control. I assume there are healthy and natural ways to treat a messed up cycle besides birth control, but I'm an alternative medicine type of guy and would probably never take a pill a medical doctor ever gave me. In the past, they have only caused me more trouble. Alternative medicine made my liver better; something the medical establishment said that they couldn't do. Alternative medicine has removed some of my allergies and we're working on the rest; something the medical establishment said that they couldn't do. However, this stance does not eliminate contraception. It just eliminates pills, injections, and tying up one's body organs.

I still believe that the purpose of sex is procreation and fun, not procreation or fun. The Bible never argues that it isn't for procreation. In some places it does seem to stress that it is a release for lust, but that does not mean it eliminates procreation; it only means that it added fun to the reasons for sex. We have to make an extra-biblical stance and eliminate verses as cultural in order to say one of the reasons for sex is not procreation. I am not totally convinced that God doesn't want his people to produce a lot of offspring. It seems to be good for the kingdom.

I am not completely convinced about the reasoning on why it is okay to change the stance the church had for 1900 years, but the statements out there could sway me if the logic on why we have changed the stance was ever laid out. If a good argument was made for birth control rather than making arguments against the stances that are anti-birth control, then it would be irrelevant what the churches stance was for 1900 years. However, if there isn't a good argument for birth control, then we are left with wondering why in the world has the church been so gung-ho taking birth control without making a cohesive argument.

Some things to consider for myself and other people who believe it is God's will to not use birth control to consider:
Is it wiser to not have a large family? Why is it wiser?
Is it healthier to take birth control?

Some things for birth controllers to consider:
Is birth control unhealthy and does it sometimes accidentally cause abortions?
Is it wiser to have a large family? What makes me think it is unwise?

Watch out for the potholes.