God Needs to take a Leadership Course

If God would take a leadership course or a course on setting goals, he would know better. What does he think he is doing? He sets a goal for our personal lives that is unattainable, perfection. He then proceeds to set a goal for our corporate lives (or church lives if you prefer) that is the same, perfection. He's like a broken record. Doesn't he know to set attainable goals? The insanity of it all. Would someone who teaches a modern leadership course take some time out and teach God a few things about leadership?

Wait. I have it figured out. We can just ignore the goal. That's it. We'll just ignore such an insane demand on our lives since it isn't attainable anyway. I'm logical. That seems logical. We'll just wallow in his grace, cover ourselves with grace so much that we won't be able to tell the difference between costly grace that redeems us and cheap grace that looks an awful lot like mud. That's what we'll do. At least until we can find someone to teach God a few lessons in leadership. Maybe we can nominate one of those big-time televangelists to do it.

Or maybe he'll just get the point if we ignore him. That's the way we deal with our disobedient children. We just ignore them when they act inappropriately. Then we give them postive reinforcement when they act well. That's such a good method for our children; maybe we should just do it when it comes to God too. It might make him the God he should be. We'll just ignore him when we don't like his demands or what he is doing, and we will praise him when we feel good about what he is doing.

I've got it all figured out. So join in, and we can have a God that we want.

Watch out for the potholes.