Benny Hinn, A fraud?

I just finished watching the new Dateline special on whether Benny Hinn is a fraud. The evidence seemed pretty convincing.

The saddest story is the story of a boy named William who has a degenerative eye condition. Benny Hinn, supposedly, healed him three years ago. At the healing Benny Hinn also promised to pay for William's way to college. The healing did not happen, and the money has not manifested itself. The thing that makes this story even more sad is that Benny Hinn has been using the story of William in fundraising for years.

In trying to confirm some of the miracles that Benny Hinn performed, it was found out that the people had died within a few months of receiving their supposed miracle.

Here are some websites that investigate the matter more throuroughly than I care to.

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