The Day After

The Day After.

Yesterday was Easter. Jesus rose. Victory was felt. God’s presence was felt and He was prompting change.

And then today comes. Today. The day after. A place where all the problems still seem the same. The darkness that was on Friday – the darkness that Sunday blasted away – that darkness wants to creep back in. Yesterday seems so far away.

It’s Monday and Sunday is a memory.

And we wish it wasn't so. We want to be experiencing God now. We don’t want God to just be a memory but to be our current reality. He’s the Kingdom bringer, and we want to see his kingdom come into our daily lives. We want relationships restored. We want love shared. We want illnesses healed. We want the broken mended. We want lives changed. We want to live in victory. We want what He wants. We want to experience Him breaking through.

Or at least that is what we said yesterday.

But the brokenness of our reality seems overwhelming. Issues seems unfixable. That mountain seems immovable. That darkness, impenetrable. And so we have the potential today to give up or to push in toward God.

The place of God is the place where we need to be. So we spend time in prayer pursuing Him. We spend time reading the Bible to encounter Him. Little things that are much more like eating meals to our soul. Without them we starve.

We keep our eyes open throughout the day to find ways to love Him by loving others. And we focus on being part of the community of believers he has called us to be to provide an example of what God’s plan for life together here on earth looks like.

It’s Monday and Sunday was only the beginning.