Please Pray For My Trip To Liberia

Through the support of my friends and complete strangers all of the support I needed to meet my financial goal has been met. But what needs to be done in Liberia cannot be done with money alone. Please pray for me.

Preparations are going well. I now have experience with the water systems. I made some mud water and filtered it through to impress my kids. It’s amazing how just a little device can filter water and make it safe to drink. The great thing about these devices is that they really have no expiration date. The systems we provide on this trip will provide safe water for years to come and greatly improve the standard of living for those who we distribute them to.
I have all five of my lessons prepared for the conference. I will be teaching five different one and a half hour sessions two times each. I have some exciting interactive activities that I am excited to do with the Liberian people to help make them memorable.

If you would pray for John, David, Shane, and me each day, I would be extremely grateful. I have attached a schedule of the planned big activities. We have been prepped to be flexible because we don’t know what will really happen. On a previous trip, their car broke down in a little village and that is where they ministered for a full day. I pray that we will be flexible enough to be where God wants us to be so that we can do the work that He wants us to. I hope to not pick up any diseases (a real threat), to be safe (the UN has peacekeepers there and I will have guns pointed at me at times), but, most importantly, I hope to plant seeds for God’s kingdom that will last. The work that we want to accomplish cannot be done effectively without God being involved and changing people’s hearts.

February 25 – Travel from Indianapolis.
February 26 – Arrive in Liberia, settle in, and visit the church.
February 27 – Check on previous work that Hope 2 Liberia has paid to have done to make sure progress is being done. Train an individual on a larger water system in Marshall. Give away water systems in the capital of Monrovia.
February 28 – Give water systems away in Buchanan. Train a local worker on a water system for at the Burgess School.
February 29 – Conference begins. I will be teaching on God and the Church. It’s Eli’s birthday back home.
March 1 – Conference continues. I will be teaching on Repentance and the Lord’s Supper.
March 2 – Conference concludes. I will be teaching on the Mission of the Church. We intend to attend the Rotary meeting in Monrovia.
March 3 – Distribute and train on water systems. Wrap up unfinished business. Take the native missionary family (the Buegars) out for dinner.
March 4 – Preach the Sunday morning sermon at a Liberian church. Start trip back home later in the day.
March 5 – Arrive back home.

Thank you for your support and prayers.