Guerilla Loving

I am looking for help here. 

Below are some of the Guerilla Loving Assignments from Vince Antonucci.  He wrote Guerrilla Lovers: Changing the World with Revolutionary Compassion, and it inspired me to encourage some guerilla love at Riverside.  But I am looking for more ideas because some of his ideas just don't work in Antwerp.  Anyone out there have any ideas. They don't have to be great. Just share it. It might prove to be better than you think. 

While you are at it, maybe you would like to choose one of these and do it yourself next week.

These are all lifted from various entries at the Guerilla Lovers blog.  

Choose one of your neighbors who could use some encouragment. Give them a call and let them know that you're delivering pizza for dinner. You can have it delivered to your house so you can pay for it. But then walk it over to deliver the goods.

Identify a charity, and GO SERVE THERE! If you can't find a charity, pick the dirtiest park or roadside and clean it up. But even more... invite other people who DON'T go to church or have a relationship with God to come with you!

The goal is to visit someone who doesn't get many visitors and bring them a balloon or flowers. You may not know anyone in the hospital, so you'll have to talk with a nurse and ask them for permission to do this. Just explain that you want to show some love and compassion for someone who is hurting.

Make cookies for your garbage man. You have until next Monday to complete this mission.

Take the next 7 days and give away a certain amount of money each day. It could be $5, $10, $20 or even more. But as Guerrilla Lovers, we have the capability to impact other people's lives with our generosity.

Take the furthest parking spot away from the door... every single day this week. The goal here is to not only let other people take the closer spots, but to spend your walking time praying for those people. Usually, we fight with everyone else to get the closest parking spot, but this is an opportunity to be selfless.

Tip the dishwasher. The next time you visit a restaurant this week, bring a generous tip ($10, $20) and ask to visit the kitchen after your meal. They might give you funny looks, but go with it! Work your way to the kitchen where you can tell the dishwasher how much you appreciate them. Explain that you like to show people God's love in ways like this. You'll make thier day. If you can't get to the kitchen, then bring a back-up envelope to hand to the wait staff. Ask them to pass it back for you.

This week, sit down and write a meaningful letter to someone who has impacted you in a positive way. It could be someone from your childhood or, even better, someone you know who doesn't know Jesus. But don't settle for a five-word note. Take the time to write a substantial letter.

Pick-up a phone card for $10 or $20 and give it to a homeless person. If you don't know where to find someone who is homeless, give it to someone who could use it the most. This card could make it possible for that individual to do something they couldn't otherwise do.

Go out to dinner! But rather than being served by our waitress or waiter, Vince wants us to look for ways to serve them! This might be through laughter, kindness, encouragement - whatever you think might work. But take this opportunity to make a difference in their lives! And then... when you're ready to go... leave them the biggest tip you can afford. It'll take some sacrifice, of course, but it's what Jesus asked us to do.