Real Church is Difficult

"A hunger for truth will lead to a focus on formation. You'll want to want what Jesus wants, to think what Jesus thinks, to choose what Jesus chooses, and to know the contentment in the middle of a trouble-filled world that Jesus knows. You'll yearn to be more spiritually formed, and you'll welcome the painful adventure of walking the long, narrow road to life.

But something more will happen. As both your appetite for truth and your desire to resemble Christ grow stronger, some of your friends will back away from you. You will feel disappointed in relationships you previously thought were pretty good. You will want to give more than some of your friends will want to receive. You will worry that you are becoming a whacked-out fanatic, a misfit in the Christian world. You will feel a new kind of loneliness, not the old kind that made you miserable and self-preoccupied but a new kind that makes you hopeful and other-centered but even more dark and alone-and a little weird...
But here's the point I'm getting to: nothing is more difficult than developing the kinds of relationships with fellow Christians that Jesus wants us to have because nothing else we can do is more strongly opposed by powerful forces within us."
from Larry Crabb, Real Church: Does It Exist? Can I Find It? (Nashville: Thomas Nelson, 2009), pp. 120-121, 122.