Brief Thoughts on Politics in Washington - Blue Dogs, Obama, and the Republicans

Obama should not be worried about the Blue Dogs. The Democratic Blue Dogs claim to be the center of American politics, but the center seems to always be the ones bought and paid for by Corporate America. Obama should be worried about all of us who voted Democrat for the first time (after a short lifetime of voting for the Republican candidate) because we thought he could make a difference. We voted for health care for all Americans. We voted for a halt to the corporate takeover of America. We voted for peace. We voted for the end of politics as usual in Washington.

Unfortunately, so far, all he has shown us is the same old politics as normal. I want an America that I can believe will have a better future and make the world better, not an America controlled by corporations, who profit off of war, health care, and friendly corporate laws. That's why I voted Obama, and he needs to show me that is what he is about if he wants to keep me voting Democrat.

And I don't think I am alone.

In the end, I would prefer Republican solutions over no solutions. Staying the same is not going to fix anything. Staying the same is not a solution in these circumstances.

And like many other Republicans, I became disillusioned with them, but I did not move into the Blue Dog camp. If they are claiming those of us who voted Democrat for our first time as their victory, they are sorely mistaken. Back in the 90s, it seemed that the Democrats only stood against issues while the Republicans had a plan. Now, it seems like the Republicans only stand against issues while the Democrats have a plan. We'll see if they actually have that plan. There is nothing like having power and control to show what you really believe. And the Blue Dogs just seem to believe in raising funds for their campaigns by making certain political stances.

McCain ran, at least in my area, on "vote against Obama." I don't want to vote against something; I want to vote for something! And with America, I don't want to be against something. I want to be for something!