Obama and AIG

This whole storyline is amazing.

Obama is being attacked for going after AIG.

Obama is being attacked for having received campaign contributions from AIG.

Personally, I am glad he is going after those bonuses. It shows that e is not afraid to go after bonuses at a company who is such a heavy supporter of his party. It nice to see that he is not beholden to his contributors. You can also see this in his policies that go against the teacher's unions. I cannot see how that can be spun to be a bad thing. He receives contributions from traditional democratic groups, but he does not give privileges based upon that support.

The real conversation should be whether these bailouts should have happened at all. If we are going to hold anything against the government, that is what should be held up against Bush and Obama. But to go after a guy for following up on the bonuses and making sure the companies do not misuse them is bordering on ridiculous political theater. That is what I would want him to do after giving out billions of dollars.