Nader wants Obama to talk black

I found this article completely dumbfounding. Nader: Obama trying to 'talk white'

Nader wants Obama to talk about the things that Nader cares about - I guess we should know these subjects as "black talk". I would assume that Nader was a black homeless urbanite by this article and feels betrayed by his half-black compatriot abandoning his people and not joining his cause. In trying to make his point, Nader is portrayed as believing white people talk about one thing and black people talk about another, which is a load of horse manure since he is white and wanting to talk about "black things". What a load of racism. Nader, although trying to be helpful, is disparaging to both white and black people. I wonder what the Hispanic or Asian-American issues are. Can they stray from those issues without abandoning their race?

I understand that Nader wants certain issues discussed. Going about it this way just made those issues untouchable. What a political snafu. Those issues should not be defined by the color of our skin or any other arbitrary identification method. In describing them as such, he just put Obama in the "black corner" if he does talk about them.

What are we going to do to help the poor in urban settings? Something needs to be done, and Nader is right that it should be talked about. Nader just insured that the subject will remain on the backburner by making it a color of our skin issue rather than a plight of our neighbor issue.

Nader's opinion that both parties are in the hands of corporations would ring true with many Americans, but he needs to be more careful to not be a racist in the future or his message will be diluted because the media already does not want to give him the time of day.

Next Time, Mr. Nader, don't make an issue into a race issue. It does no good for the conversation.