A reply from a Jehovah Witness on non-violence

A Jehovah Witness replied to my post on receiving a vist from them.

I debated on deleting it and preventing my site from funneling people to the Watchtower website. However, I refrained from doing that. Instead I will write this post and put a link to this post in the comments of that original post.

I agree with the Jehovah Witnesses approach on non-violence (as expressed in the reply) and liked their approach to evolution (as expressed in the original post). However, that does not mean they are right in other areas.

The logic that "we are right on a few areas, so trust in the questionable areas" just doesn't fly with me.

I also share my view on non-violence with many non-Christians around the world. That doesn't make those people right on how we are to follow God.

And I disagree with many Christians on how to approach creation and evolution, that doesn't mean that they are wrong on the important issues on what is the right approach to follow God.

Here is a website by ex-Jehovah Witnesses.

And from that website here is a nice article by Jerry Bergman about his journey through the Jehovah Witnesses: My Journey From a Jehovah's Witness to a Christian:
A College Professors Story and Why it Matters

Watch out for the potholes.