a question about personal Bible study

I had a question concerning personal Bible study. It wasn't until the printing press that personal Bible study was even an option for most people. If they wanted to hear the word of God, they would have to go down to the church and have it read out loud to them or read it out loud to others. Even Bible study in that time was a corporate event. We now have this whole issue of how to work out individual Bible study (which I think should be done) with community. Does anyone know any good studies, books, or articles out there on the transformation of Bible reading from a community-centered activity to a private and personal activity? Or maybe we started incorporating personal Bible study into our spiritual lives just because printed books were a new technology and hadn't really thought the concept through. I know I have thoroughly enjoyed the times when I have just gotten together with people to read Scripture. Any thoughts?

edited to add: A friend of mine recommended reading Dissident Discipleship to deal with this question.

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