Faithfulness, not Greatness

Yesterday, while visiting a church, I was struggling with whether to plant a church rather than find a church to serve at. It's a regular struggle of mine. Having been used to successfully plant a church in the past is one of the greatest events God has led me through, yet it is also one of my greatest hindrances to moving forward.

I was convicted that I am not to plant a church at this time. It all happened during the Lord's Supper. Maybe this wasn't from God but it sure seemed to be.

Here is what I felt I was told. It's not original. It's just what struck me.

You want to do great things. I just want you to be faithful. I want you to humble yourself and serve. Then you might do great things. But even if you don't, it doesn't matter. All that matters is whether you were faithful to my guidance or not. I'm in charge of making things great; you job is to remain faithful.

Jesus didn't do great things by accomplishing things that the world thought was great. He didn't rule a nation. He didn't have 1000s of followers at the end of his life. His greatest act, which you are remembering now, wasn't perceived as an act of greatness when He did it. Hanging on the cross was humiliating and disgraceful. Nobody looked at Him and said that there hangs greatness.

We know that what was perceived as weakness and birthed in faithfulness turned out to be one of the greatest actions in the history of humanity. His faithfulness gave forgiveness and entry into My kingdom to everyone sitting here and in churches around the world. It is through his humble faithfulness that the world was changed.

Now don't confuse things and make changing the world your goal. Make faithfulness your goal. I will be in charge of changing the world.

That's what I was convicted of. Is it true?

Watch out for the potholes.