An Online Funeral For Our Cat

Yesterday a repugnant odor started wafting into our house through our open windows. It smelled like dead animal. Being lazy (and assuming my dog would take care of it), I ignored it at first. Then it struck me that it could be Luther, our largest and friendliest grey cat. Luther hasn't come around for about three days. We were getting worried about him. We've called and called and called his name from our back door trying to get him to come home. When the smell of dead animal intruded our home, I went out to look for him.

Behind some bushes and right next to the grounding wire from our electric meter laid Luther. It appears that he had been electrocuted. His face was severely burnt. It was a sad moment. (On a side and informational note, I did call the power company and they sent someone out to see if something around that area was live. They couldn't find anything. It must have been lightning that ran through the grounding wire.)

After digging a hole to put him in, we placed Luther into the ground. The weird thing about our little cat funeral is that all of the other cats and our dog came over to the place where he was buried. Nafai, our dog, was actually visibly disturbed. Maybe he was just feeding off our sadness. It was strange. It's like they knew we were burying Luther. I can't repeat how strange it was. Our one cat, Francis, didn't want to leave the place. He sat perched on a tree stump watching me dig the hole. When we went inside after burying Luther, Francis remained perched there staring at Luther's final resting place.

Anyway, this is our farewell to Luther. He was Lindsay's favorite cat. He was our friendliest. He got along well with our dog. He will be missed.

Luther was preceded in disappearance by his brother Augustine "August", 4 friends will miss him - Wesley, Calvin, Joanie, and Francis - and 3 sad and one unknowing owners - Regan, Lindsay, Isaac, and Eli.