Predicting Crazy.

Last night, I was reminded how insane the predicting culture, especially when it comes to sports, is.

My family were participating in a no-holds-barred game of Candyland. Isaac just anihilated us.

Anyway, at one point in the game he started predicting what the next card would be. We let him continue doing this for about two minutes. We could really care less what was going on because Candyland is a boring game, and the only reason we were playing it was for Isaac to have a good time. So we let him continue predicting what the next card would be.

"It could be a green. Or maybe a double orange. Would you like a double orange? Hmmm, how about the cookie. Do you think the next card will be the cookie?"

This went on and on for about two minutes until we were sick of it and finishing the game seemed to be in peril. We decided it was time to stop Isaac from predicting what the next card would be.

I finally declared, "Just draw the next card and you will see what it is."

He picked up the card, looked at it, and said, "Pink."

Mom moved her piece to the next pink square. The game continued on as planned.

Whenever I turned on sports radio this week, all they would talk about was the draft to be held on Saturday at noon. They would predict who would pick whom. It's crazy. If you're that concerned, just watch the draft. Stop predicting.

Watch out for the potholes.