Recommended Book - Against Calvinism by Roger Olson

I cannot recommend Against Calvinism highly enough. Calvinism is a pervasive thought in our times, especially in the community I pastor in. With the new resurgence of Calvinism, Calvinists try to set themselves up as the only intellectual/theological approach to being a Christian. Many young people are bamboozled by this. They want an alternative to the empty Christianity their youth ministries are giving them, and Calvinism seems to be the answer. This just isn't the case. Roger Olson does the best job I have ever seen making the case against this approach to Christianity.
Who would believe that a teacher who withholds the information students need to pass a course merely permitted them to fail? What if that teacher, when called on the carpet by parents and school officials, said, "I didn't cause them to fail. They did it on their own"? Would anyone accept that explanation or would they accuse the teacher of not merely permitting the students to fail but also of actually causing them to fail? And what if the teacher argued that he or she actually planned and rendered the students' failure certain for a good reason--to uphold academic standards and show what a great teacher he or she is by demonstrating how necessary his or her information is for students to pass? Would not these admissions only deepen everyone's conviction that the teacher is morally and professionally wrong? (85)