The Iranians, Free Speech, Democracy, and a Dose of Self-Examination

Well, I do not know what would happen in our nation if people took to the streets after an election. Would it look much different than what is happening in Tehran? Would the government guns come out and silence the protestors?

The Iranian protesters and their government's response causes me to wonder many questions. How do we really know if an election has been counted honestly? Would I be willing to go get killed to peacefully stand up for free speech or against government corruption? Should I be willing? Or is there more important things to live for? Do we truly live if we are not willing to die for things we believe in? Are their principles outside of my faith that I should be willing to die for? Should those principles be part of my faith? Do I have it in me to be a person willing to stand up for what is right at the risk of my life or the life of my wife and children?

I support the Iranian people and their right to free speech and democracy. I am awed by their courage at what seems like a feeble attempt at gaining earthly liberty. May their feebleness be rewarded by miracles.

So I have changed my time to Tehran time in what is probably a feeble attempt to confuse the Iranian government and allow freedom of speech on the internet. It will be this way until the protesters stop protesting. If it wastes one minute of a government monitors' time, then I will be happy. I wonder if any posts have wasted any time of American monitors; I know it has wasted time of theological monitors.

I am thankful that I live in a nation where I can say anything I want anytime I want, except for fire in a crowded movie theater. At least I do not know any cases of speech being stopped in our nation in recent times.