Drive your truck like you have some

People should drive their big, macho, superduty trucks like they mean it.

The big, superduty Ford F-250 was being driven (or should I say pampered) at the elderly woman pace of ten miles per hour on the country stone road. A detour placed on US-37 between Harlan, IN, and Ft. Wayne, IN, was forcing people to veer off the regular path and take the back roads around the normal route. I was one of the people on the detour stuck behind a nice, new, slow-moving Ford F-250 that was scared to drive fast along the country road - apparently, a little afraid to stir up some dust. How does one of the "manliest" vehicles in the world end up in the hands of someone that is afraid to go faster than a mini-van on a country stone road?

This is not a rare occurrence. It is "pampered truck" syndrome. I once had a friend who bought a superduty truck but would not load anything in the bed for fear of scratching it. One does not buy a Clydesdale (a draft horse) to do the job of an Arabian (a horse known for speed and refinement). You buy an Arabian for that. If you want a vehicle that is shiny and pretty, there are many options out there for that. Stay away from the big trucks.

Something is wrong in a person who wants to appear tough but is not really tough. They spend $25,000 or so on a nice, new Ford F-250 that is marketed as "Stronger, Tougher, Better". Apparently they do this, not because they want a vehicle that is strong and tough, but to give the appearance of strength and toughness in order to compensate for the frailty that is certainly within them.

I could not stand waiting behind that macho truck driver as they coddled their superduty beauty on that country road. I flew by them in my Chevy Lumina stirring up stones and dust.

The moral of the story is "Don't be a mental case, drive and treat your superduty truck like it deserves." There are other vehicles that are made to be pampered if that is what you want. If a tough, strong, superduty truck is not for you, then do not own one. Being a pretty boy and insisting on driving a superduty truck will reveal more about you than you really want when you pamper it.

Drive your superduty truck like it is strong and tough. That is what they are made for.

And watch out for the potholes.