Toward a Loving Penal System

I just read this story from the BBC.

Row over religion's role in US jails

Part of me wants to scream in agreement: "We should not use the prison system in this way. It is against separation of church and state." I like separation of church and state, especially when it comes down to another religion doing the same thing in our prison system.

However, my main allegiance is not to this nation and the principle of "separation of church and state", so I am left with saying that it sounds like a good idea. Something needs to be done with our prison systems. It seems pointless to have a prison system where the prisoners come out with the same attitudes or worse than when they went in. We need to raise prisoners up to be people that will be beneficial to society. It is our loving responsibility to give them the opportunity to become better people.

I have a friend who became a Christian in prison while serving out a sentence for drug trafficking. (It's an amazing story. I will ask him to write his testimony so I can share it). He came out a changed man.

But it looks like we will become a nation where Christian people who are making a difference in people's lives will be kicked out of the prison system. So much for us being a "Christian nation".

Watch out for the potholes.