Suffer the Children a documentary on some of the televangelists

I heard about an interesting film that was recently made. Unfortuately, I do not have the extra cash at the moment to pick it up and write a proper review.

Here is the main page and an excerpt from it:

For most of the desperately sick or poor, that will be their only exposure to Christianity and they send their money in the hope for a miracle from God...a miracle, of course, which never comes. The problem, they are told, does not lie with the ministry or God, but rather with themselves. Their sickness and poverty not only degenerates but they are now made to believe that it's because God is mad at them. For many, this leads to lack of faith, depression and even suicide.

Millions of people around the world watch "Name It and Claim It" preachers sell faith as a commodity with a huge price-tag. These church leaders flaunt their wealth and health as blessings from God reserved for those that plant seed (money) into their ministry. The more you give, the bigger the chance that God will bless you in return. These "donations destined for God" are then used to fund palatial homes, private jets, extravagant lifestyles for church leaders.

It can be ordered here.

Watch out for the potholes.