My thoughts on moving back to Lansing

Yesterday must've been reply day. That post was up for almost a week without any replies. However, my replies to the replies seem to be lengthy and warrant new posts.

Troy wrote: "What are your thoughts about moving back north? You know there's an established church up there. Don't your family still have a shop up there? Just curious if you've run this through your mind."

I find it interesting that you mention that yesteday because of a conversation that happened in yesterday afternoon. Our friend and manager of the Clem's in Lansing also mentioned the same idea you just mentioned. He is a member of one of the churches that I was involved in and would love to have us come back. He asked me (this is a paraphrase), "If I find another job, would that mean that you would come back here to run the store and come back to our church?" I wonder if all of this movement on this front is a result of people's prayers during the 24/7 prayer down at the church. I know there are people there that have been praying for us.

We originally moved down here because we were expecting twins and desired family help in raising them. In hindsight, I do believe that move was solely initiated by us and not by God.

Around a month, I secretly (just between God and me - although the cat came out of the bag yesterday) started praying that, if it was God's will, our employee in Lansing would find another job and we would have to move back there. However, I do not know if Lindsay likes that cat. Relocating isn't a decision I would make without the consent of Lindsay. Lindsay's current status is "torn". She likes it here and is upset that I started praying wihtout her consent that God would cause circumstances to warrant our moving.

Our store in Lansing couldn't use another full-time employee and it only has one. I wouldn't fire an employee so that I would have a need to go to Lansing.

The other dilemma is that living expenses in Lansing are much greater than living expenses down here. However, if that is what God desires, then he will provide.

There are also business issues that would have to be dealt with in the Ft. Wayne store if I was to leave and move to Lansing. But it is nice to have a father that is in charge of the business that is concerned about our spiritual state also. But I'm sure that they also wouldn't want to have us leave. I think they like being close to their grandchildren.

And the other dilemma would be that the church that was one when we left is now three. We would have to decide which of the three we would want to be part of. That is a blessed dilemma in my mind.

But I pray that in all things God's will would be done. We are fine with remaining down here. We feel this is home. That is something we never felt in Lansing despite the church being what we wanted. I just wish something would happen on the local church side of things down here. Either a peace would come over me about where we are to attend (preferably become a part of) or a new simple church would develop.

I've always operated under the belief that when it comes to God's will we use our logic while constantly being sensitive to His leadings. He leads when what we are to do is not what our logic would naturally tell us to do. He strengthens in all situations. For example, when I was lost my logic told me to depend on myself for all things, so it took God's leading to make me do what was by my own thoughts illogical and begin to depend on Him. My logic tells me to plant a simple church, but things haven't fallen into place. However, I haven't felt any leading away from that logical conclusion. I believe this area is in desperate need for a simple church, so I still believe that is the logical conclusion in this setting. I'm waiting and looking for a sign to steer me away from my logic if that is what God desires.

Watch out for the potholes.